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Where do I want to live?

Examine your current neighborhood

  • Amenities

    Look around your current neighborhood and surrounding area and write down what appeals to you and what doesn't. Identify the amenities of the home, condo, or area that you enjoy.

    Some factors to consider:
    - Commuting distance/time to work
    - Schools, playgrounds and parks
    - Restaurants, shopping, entertainment, or beaches
    - Noisy vs. quite surroundings, views
    - Garage, assigned parking, and guest or street parking
    - Yard, cul de sac, grilling area, security, and fitness centers
    - Interior floor plan, square footage, and appliances

  • Monthly rent budget

    Budgeting may not be fun however, it's a great tool in using a systematic approach to achieving your goals. Wealthy people generally don't concern themselves with price, which is why a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes can cost more than $1,000.00; imagine 10 pair of those in your closet! For the rest of middle class people, price is a major factor of consideration.

  • Relocation Assistance Program (RAP)

    We offer professional assistance to renters looking for a place to rent on Oahu. Our Relocation Assistance Program includes: knowledgeable rental market analysis, contacting and scheduling showing appointments, rental contract review and prepping you to lock-in your new rental. A one-time nominal service fee is the compensation we receive and you receive peace of mind and a professional guide through the maze of finding a rental on Oahu.

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